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Meet Muhammad Faris


A Peek into My World

Welcome to my personal website! Here you can learn more about me, my research, expertise, and academic background. Take some time to explore my site and get to know me better. I'm excited to share my interests, stories, and skills with you.

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Latest Research

Who I Am

I'm a curious and creative individual who enjoys exploring new ideas and projects. As a PhD student, I'm dedicated to pursuing research that contributes to our understanding of the world. On this site, you'll find examples of my work, as well as some personal insights into my life and interests. Thanks for visiting!


Academic History

The timeline of Muhammad Faris academic history

Elementry School

I study 6 years for elementary school, from XXXX~XXXX

High School

I study 6 years for high school, from XXXX~XXXX


I study 6 years for undergraduate, from XXXX~XXXX


I am currently persuading postgraduate study as a PhD student in System Intergration Design

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